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A bundle of Daisies

Wanna shoot? Check out these package options. I've created customized deals to fit you and all your photo needs.


Looking for some fun and creative photos? This package is perfect for you! Whether it's for your birthday, social media, or just for the heck of it, I've got you covered.


If your someone

looking to wow your audience/following with amazing images, The Sunrise package is what you need. Here we take the basic shoot and elevate it to fit your image needs.


Are you an artist, brand, designer, etc in need of some interesting and refreshing photos for your business, project, etc?

If so the harvest package is perfect for you.

Here I sit down with you and develop a concept that'll turn heads and grab attention or if you have an idea I'll help bring it to life. 

The Sundown Package Includes 

-one hour

-one location

-one outfit

at least 10 images


The Sunrise Package Includes 

-creative consultation*

-two hours

-two locations*

-two outfits

at least 20 images


The Harvest Package Includes 

-creative consultation*

-unlimited time

-flexible locations*

-unlitmited outfits

at least 20 images

base $300

*creative consultation - Here we sit down and come up with a concept for the shoot. The concept can be based off anything. Whether it's a song, a piece of art, or your favorite color, we can make it happen.

*flexible locations- Number of locations depends on the concept. 

All prices include the price of editing and tax. 

Get in Contact

Thanks for submitting!


I have experience with event/family photography and portrait work. If the options above don't work feel free to contact me and we can develop an option that perfectly fits you and your photo needs!

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